Khadijah Ali-Coleman, Ed.D.
"My world did not shrink because I
was a black female writer. It just got bigger."

-Toni Morrison

Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman, Ed.D. is a cultural curator, community organizer, theatre producer, director, nationally recognized speaker, and multi-genre writer. As an educator, she has created and led educational programs for over 20 years at numerous institutions, including Montgomery Community Media, Covenant House Washington, The Alliance of Concerned Men, One Common Unity, and Morgan State University. She is founder of the multidisciplinary arts group Liberated Muse and co-founder of the national education research group Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars, LLC (BFHES). She has maintained the youth development blog So Our Youth Aspire since 2006.

For over 20 years she has served in different capacities as an higher education professional, from teaching as an adjunct professor, serving as a faculty advisor of student publications, and a coordinator of a summer bridge program to working as the assistant director of residence life at an HBCU.

Dr. Ali-Coleman is author of the children's book Mariah's Maracas and co-editor of the book Homeschooling Black Children in the US: Theory, Practice and Popular Culture. She is editor of the Liberated Muse anthology book series and has creative work and scholary writings featured in several books.  Her plays have been staged, workshopped and read on dozens of stages.  She is a member of the virtual writing group, Zora's Den, as well as a professional member of The Dramatists Guild, The  Recording Academy (home of the GRAMMY awards) and the Association of African American Museums.

Dr. Ali-Coleman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (African American Studies and Mass Media) and a minor in Writing from the University of Maryland Baltimore, County; a Master of Arts degree in Mass Communication from Towson University and a doctorate in education from Morgan State University. 

She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Hurston/Wright Foundation.

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In 2020,  Dr. Khadijah "Moon" Ali-Coleman had just finished defending her doctoral dissertation on dual enrolled African American homeschooled students and their perceptions of preparedness for community college. The COVID-19 global pandemic and quarantine had just gone into effect. She was offered an opportunity to publish her dissertation into a book. She opted to edit an anthology of voices on Black homeschooling instead. During her own research study, she had seen the lack of Black voices in the research on Black homeschooling families. As a homeschooling mother and researcher, she wanted to expand the research literature and offer an opportunity for other homeschooling parents and researchers to share their experiences and research. And, that is what this book is. It is on sale today.
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Let's Talk About Homeschooling Black Children


Dr. Jared Ball interviews Dr. Ali-Coleman during this segment on Homeschooling While Black.


This is a podcast interview conducted by Jason Johnson. You can listen to it and read the transcript HERE

WPFW 89.3 FM-Aug 18, 2021

Homeschooling Black Children in America: A Growing Practice: Interview with David Whettstone on WPFW 89.3 FM

Want to Get Started Homeschooling?

For a limited time, Dr. Khadijah Ali-Coleman will be offering homeschooling coaching for parents homeschooling on a college pathway. Click the button below to sign up for alerts on how to register.

The Positive Impact of Homeschooling Black Children

Watch this short film, The Positive Impact of Homeschooling Black Children about Dr. Ali-Coleman's experience homeschooling her daughter. The film also features data pulled from her 2019 study, Dual Enrolled African American Homeschooled Students' Perceptions of Preparedness for Community College.


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