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A Poetic Passing Of The Gavel
May 1, 2023

PBS and Kennedy Center honor the legacy of literary and cultural icon Zora Neale Hurston
January 30, 2023

THIS Entertainment

Educator and Performing Artist Dr. Khadijah Ali-Coleman answers our “22 to 23” Questionnaire: THIS INTERVIEW is Special

January 4, 2023

BLAC® D.C. Artist of the Week: Dr. Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman

Apr 27, 2022

The Washington Post

‘City in Transition’ is an exhilarating journey across Washington through the eyes of Black artists

Apr 29, 2021

DC Theatre Scene

A close look at ‘City in Transition,’ Theater Alliance’s love letter to DC

Artistic Director Raymond O. Caldwell and Playwright Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman share insider insights on the company's exemplary community engagement.
By Jordan Ealey
May 24, 2021

Page-to-Stage New Play Festival at the Kennedy Center
by Keith Loria
August 28, 2019 


Liberated Muse: SWAN Day Celebrated By Liberated Muses in Washington, D.C.
June 12, 2012 



'A form of resistance': More Black families are choosing to homeschool their children, March 2023

The Guardian

‘No more skewed history’: why Black families homeschooling grew fivefold, Feb 2023

Financial Times

The surprising Covid legacy for America’s homeschoolers, Jan 2023

ABC-WJLA News Channel 7
Homeschooling on the rise since pandemic; could have lasting effects on public schools- May 3, 2022

The Los Angeles Times
The pandemic pushed more families to home-school. Many are sticking with it​,  Jan. 2022

The Washington Post

Home schooling exploded among Black, Asian and Latino students. But it wasn’t just the pandemic. -July 27, 2021


They Rage-Quit the School System—and They're Not Going BackjUNE 3, 2021

Associated Press
'We feel safer': Black parents say remote learning gives kids reprieve from racism“Remote learning lets you peek into the classroom. It puts more power back in our hands," said a mother of a 15-year-old high school freshman in Atlanta.
  -May 6, 2021