Multi-Disciplinary Artist

Khadijah Ali-Coleman, Ed.D. is a multidisciplinary artist with work that includes plays, music, books, spoken word, film and curatorial practice.




Mariah wakes up excited for the day. She gets to choose her music instrument for the school year and she can’t wait!

This wonderful book introduces children to different percussive instruments while also introducing the connections between people and music all over the world. This is the first book in a series of books featuring different children from Ms. Rio’s class.

Recommended for readers in grades K-2

Film Work

BRACELET  (2017)

Nominated for BEST SCORE and BEST FILM PRODUCER by the Washington DC 48 Film Project "Best Of" Awards.


BUNT (2018)

BUNT won BEST ORIGINAL SONG award in the 2018 Washington DC 48-Hour Film Project Best Of Awards The award-winning music was produced by Chez Soleil Music (, a music production partnership between Ben "Beta" Dawson, Jr. and Khadijah "Moon" Ali-Coleman.

Identity Crisis (2017)

This sketch, developed and conceived by the Liberated Muse collective, showcases the comedic side of the artist group typically recognized for political and serious content. Donate to the Liberated Muse CD Project fund by visiting


Sasha Savvy Loves to Code

I shot, directed and edited this Kickstarter video for writer Sasha Alston who crowdsourced over $17k for her first book in this series. 

Who Is Liberated Muse?

A short film about the arts collective Liberated Muse Arts Group. Khadijah Ali-Coleman founded Liberated Muse in 2008.

Celebrating Zora

The Zora Neale Hurston and Richard Wright Foundation partnered with the writing group Zora's Den for a 2022 virtual tribute to Zora Neale Hurston during her birthday month (January).  Produced by Khadijah Ali-Coleman

Performance Art/Spoken Word


A Reaction to the Play
View from the Porch (2020)



Curatorial Practice

Dr. Ali-Coleman has produced, lead curated or co-curated over three dozen exhibits, festivals, and multi-disciplinary events since 2001.

Highlights include:

  • The exhibit Flying Towards Freedom: Migration Stories of Maryland Families which was presented by the museum and installed at the Prince George's County Memorial Library System's Oxon Hill branch. The exhibit ran from February 2020 to the end of March 2020. The exhibit, inspired by the book Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison, featured the historical journey of Black families who migrated to Maryland, including her own family.
  • The visual arts exhibit unboxed/unbroken: A Celebration of Black Resilience for the 2018 Kwanzaa in August festival that took place at the Anacostia Arts Gallery in Washington, D.C. This exhibit featured work by Patrick Smith, ZO, Malandela Zulu, Hook E. Free and more. 
  • The monthly forum titled, Sunday Scholar Salon held at the Prince George's County African American Museum and Cultural Center during her tenure as Scholar-in-Residence. The topics drew from her educational and professional expertise in education, arts, African-American history and culture.
  • The film festival unboxed/unbroken for the 2018 Kwanzaa in August festival that took place at the Anacostia Arts Gallery in Washington, D.C. This film festival featured work by Pamela Woolford, Kia Reed, and Cynthia Dorsey.
  • The Read, a showcase of short plays for the 2018 Kwanzaa in August festival that took place at the Anacostia Arts Gallery in Washington, D.C. This play readings featured work by Ebony Rosemond and Deirdre Gantt.
  • The Capital Hip Hop Soul Festival (curated the performace stages and served as operations manager 2008-2010) featuring over three dozen performers over three summers, including Kenny Wesley, Tamika Love Jones, Deja Belle, Christylez Bacon, Substantial, Mello D and the Rados, Godiseus, The 5th L, Teisha Marie, Cool Cee Brown, and more.
  • Creative Creatives Creating (C3) Performance Series that was staged at the Red Lion Hotel (Baltimore, MD), Alice's Jazz and Cultural Society (Washington, DC) and virtually (curated performance stage 2016-2020) featuring performances by over a dozen artists including Dior Ashley Brown, Olu Butterfly, The Bangladesh Project, Madeline Farrington, Too Much Damn Theatre, Terry Borderline, Enoch 7th Prophet, Quinton Randall, and more.
  • The GRIND film festival (2018) at Morgan State University, presented by the MSU Graduate Student Association