Khadijah Ali-Coleman, Ed.D.

The Washington Post

‘City in Transition’ is an exhilarating journey across Washington through the eyes of Black artists

Apr 29, 2021

DC Theatre Scene

A close look at ‘City in Transition,’ Theater Alliance’s love letter to DC

Artistic Director Raymond O. Caldwell and Playwright Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman share insider insights on the company's exemplary community engagement.
By Jordan Ealey
May 24, 2021

Page-to-Stage New Play Festival at the Kennedy Center
by Keith Loria
August 28, 2019 


Liberated Muse: SWAN Day Celebrated By Liberated Muses in Washington, D.C.
June 12, 2012 


The Washington Post

Home schooling exploded among Black, Asian and Latino students. But it wasn’t just the pandemic. -July 27, 2021


They Rage-Quit the School System—and They're Not Going Back - jUNE 3, 2021

Associated Press
'We feel safer': Black parents say remote learning gives kids reprieve from racism“Remote learning lets you peek into the classroom. It puts more power back in our hands," said a mother of a 15-year-old high school freshman in Atlanta.
  -May 6, 2021