Dr. Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman is a multi-media strategist and professional creative who has built an expansive interdisciplinary career as a professional in higher education, media and the arts. Dr. Ali-Coleman's research spans the intersections of African-American history, culture and scholarship.

MLK 2021 Celebration with Dr. Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman

The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts (BOPA) and the Reginald F. Lewis Museum presented an MLK weekend to commemorate civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during The Art of Activism: The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, a weekend of virtual programming from Friday, January 15 through Monday, January 18, 2021. Dr. Ali-Coleman was a featured presenter.

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Dr. Ali-Coleman in the News

Local group pays tribute to late Nobel Prize winner, Toni Morrison

Dr. Ali-Coleman's arts collective Liberated Muse was featured in this news story highlighting their tribute tour for Toni Morrison

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Looking beyond politics for Black survival


Dr. Ali-Coleman was mentioned in this article in the Final Call with her colleague Dr. Fields-Smith and their work around homeschooling.

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Pandemic schooling options are not created equal for all families

Kelly Glass
Aug. 7, 2020

The Positive Impact of Homeschooling Black Children

Dr. Ali-Coleman has been homeschooling her own daughter off and on for 12 years in addition to being a researcher on homeschooling in the Black community. She crafted this short film above for a recent appearance in the 5th annual Black Sustainability Summit that was virtual in 2020.

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Homeschooling Due to COVID-19

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Scholarly Work



Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars (BFHES) is a research and education group committed to documenting the lived experiences of Black homeschooling families. BFHES was founded by Dr. Cheryl Fields- Smith and Dr. Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman. Dr. Fields-Smith and Dr. Ali-Coleman are co-editors of the forthcoming book Homeschooling Black Children in the United States: An examination of homeschooling in practice, theory and popular culture.


Feature Writing

Dr. Ali-Coleman has written for various publications as both a news and features writer. Here is some of her latest work:

Homeschooling Success Isn't About Privilege — Here's What You Really Need (Romper)




Liberated Muse Arts Group

Liberated Muse is a multi-disciplinary professional arts organization founded in 2008 by Dr. Khadijah Ali-Coleman.

Teaching Artist, Speaker and Facilitator

From 2019-2020, Dr. Ali-Coleman worked with the Prince George's County African-American Museum and Cultural Center as a teaching artist and Scholar-In-Residence fellow. As a teaching artist, she worked with students at Annapolis Road Academy Alternative High School. Annapolis Road Academy is one of two alternative academy programs in Prince George's County, MD with a primary focus on students in grades 9 through 10  who are experiencing behavioral and attendance concerns in the regular classroom setting. Dr. Ali-Coleman used a multi-disciplinary approach with the students, teaching the history of the Piscataway native people of Maryland and the Guinea people of Africa and their early existence in Maryland during colonial times. Using the drum as a centerpiece for learning and arts creation, she led the children in activities centered on identity, culture and communication, executed through designing drums and crafting spoken word pieces. She also facilitated a tribal drum workshop for families in the museum during the Kwanzaa season.

As a Scholar-In-Residence fellow, she held a monthly forum titled, Sunday Scholar Salon. The topics drew from her educational and professional expertise in education, arts, African-American history and culture. She curated the exhibit Flying Towards Freedom: Migration Stories of Maryland Families which was presented by the museum and installed at the Prince George's County Memorial Library System's Oxon Hill branch. The exhibit ran from February 2020 to the end of March 2020.